How to run Turbo C in Windows 7 and above:

Step 1: Download TurboC and DOSBox from this link:

Download TurboC and DOSBox

Step 2: Now extract it in the root of C drive, open the folder and install DOSBox.

Step 3: Inside the folder there is another zip file named as “tc_installed“. Extract this folder into C:\TC (You should be able to see BGI, BIN, CLASSLIB and other folders in C:\TC). Create two new folders viz. TCSOURCE and TCOUTPUT inside the TC folder.

Step 4: After that click on the DOSBox shortcut that is created at the desktop.

Step 5: Write these command one by one: (Press 'Enter' after typing each command)

Note: Text in BOLD is explanation. Do NOT type that

To mount Drive C as a local directory C:\

mount c c:\

Switch to C directory


Go to TC folder

cd tc

Go to Bin folder

cd bin

To execute (Run) Turbo C++

tc or tc.exe 

Note: Every time you start DOSBox you have to write these commands to mount a drive as local Directory. But if you want to start Turbo C++ when you start DOSBOX then Go to Start Window –> Find DOSBox 0.74 Options –> Add the following lines at the end of the file and save it.

mount c c:\
cd tc
cd bin

Step 6: Now Turbo C++ is running and you can write your programmes. But still there is a problem with the compilation of the programme.
Ctrl+F9 is a shortcut for DOSBox to exit. On the other hand, Ctrl+F9 is for compiling a programme in the Turbo C IDE

To overcome this problem follow these steps:

(i). When you are running Turbo C++ press Ctrl+F1

(ii). Click on Shut Down

(iii). Click on Del

(iv). Click on Add

(v). Press q and then click on mod1 shown at bottom left corner (It sets Ctrl+q as a shortcut to exit from DOSBox)

(vi). Click Save and then Exit.

Now you can compile your programmes using Ctrl+F9 and use Ctrl+q to exit from DOSBox.

Note: Press Alt+Enter to make Turbo C window displayed in full screen.

Getting CAPITALS in DOSBox?

It sounds like you may have the Hold option enabled. Assuming you have the latest version of DOSBox, try the following: